Sunday, October 26, 2014

Stanley L. Cohen

 radical sapphoq saysI dedicate this post to Stanley L. Cohen. He is due in court this week and expects to be sentenced to eighteen months in prison under a plea deal. He has a vast amount of legal bills. Please consider contributing to his defense fund. Stanley has been there for Anonymous, Occupy, and many other people who are part of various movements for change.

     Stanley can be found on-line at: 
and also at:

     Stanley L. Cohen has a long history of defending unpopular defendants. Yes, he has defended accused terrorists in court. Yes, he is currently not able to enter either Israel or Egypt due to his defense work. Yes, he is scheduled to go to prison under a plea deal involving some taxes.

     Stanley has also defended the rights of squatters in New York City, folks who are categorized by the public as hacktivist members of the collective known as Anonymous, and people who have become embroiled in the legal system for exercising their freedom of speech.  

     Stanley has been called a terror lawyer, a rip-off, an LOL lawyer, greedy bastard, and other things like that.


     Stanley has also been called an internet folk hero, a peoples' lawyer, iconoclast, radical, zealous advocate, political activist. I call him my brother. My e-book Up The Rebels - which I hope will be out soon - is dedicated to Stanley L. Cohen [and Edward J. Snowden]. 


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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Free Tags-- Liars


   I'm working on a post for this blog. Meanwhile, enjoy some free tags. Up The Rebels!

     Take 'em if you want 'em. Save 'em to somewhere in your computer. Use 'em on the internet. Credit not necessary. No hot-linking.